Hydrophobic agent and water repellent are commonly used materials. And the effect is very good. But attention should be paid to the details of use. and
There is no big difference between water repellent and water repellent. The two are actually the same, but some places are called waterproofing agents. And some places are called water-repellent agents.
Hydrophobic agent is to achieve the purpose of waterproofing in the form of water repellency through chemical bonds, which is a kind of waterproofing agent. The waterproofing agent refers to achieving the purpose of waterproofing through methods such as hydrophobicity, compaction, chemical reaction, and physical isolation. And it is a more widely used waterproofing agent.

What should be paid attention to when using waterproofing agent:

1. When using waterproofing agent in waterproof mortar construction, the sediment, dust, garbage, etc. on the ground base should be cleaned. And fully mix the waterproofing agent and water according to a certain proportion. And then fully mix the mixture with cement and medium sand.
2. Then apply two waterproof layers on the ground, and the thickness of each layer should be about 10mm. Among them, the base layer should be painted with 1 mm hydrogen water slurry first, and then painted with waterproof mortar. When the waterproof mortar is initially set, compact it, and use a wooden trowel to grind the surface into a pockmarked surface.
3. After the second layer of waterproof mortar is applied, it must be compacted quickly. If necessary, the surface needs to be rubbed with wood to make it pitted. After the construction is completed, the ground needs to be watered and maintained. The cement curing agent should be sprayed on the ground to improve the effect and quality of the ground decoration.
4. When waterproofing agent is used in waterproof concrete construction, the dosage of waterproofing agent should be about 1%~2% of the cement dosage. And the concrete should be mixed evenly, which is actually the same as the ordinary concrete construction method. In order to ensure that the two are evenly mixed, it is recommended to stir the waterproofing agent evenly first, and then fully mix the waterproofing agent with cement, sand, and gravel.