Process principle

Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate is produced by sulfonation of linear dodecylbenzene. Sulfonating agent can adopt concentrated sulfuric acid, oleum and sulfur trioxide etc.
The sulfonation reaction is an electrophilic substitution reaction. The sulfonating agent lacks electrons and is a cation, which can easily attack benzene molecules with affinity properties. Substitution reactions are easy to occur in places with high electron cloud density and on benzene rings. accept electrons. form a covalent bond. A substitution reaction occurs with hydrogen on the benzene ring.

Due to the type of sulfonating agent, the nature of the sulfonated object and the influence of reaction conditions.
Some sulfonating agents (such as oleum) are themselves strong oxidizing agents. So while the main reaction is going on. There is also a series of secondary side reactions (tandem reactions) and parallel side reactions taking place. The situation is very complicated. Sulfonation of linear alkylbenzenes.
When the reaction temperature is too high, or the reaction time is too long. The main side reaction is the formation of sulfones.

Product application

Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate is a white or light-yellow sticky substance, which is commonly used in detergent and textile industry. It is an anionic surfactant. Soluble in water, good compatibility with anion and non-ion.
It has good emulsifying, foaming, penetrating, decontaminating and dispersing properties. Widely used in toothpaste, shampoo, shampoo, shampoo, washing powder, liquid washing, cosmetics and plastic mold release, lubrication and pharmaceutical, paper, building materials, chemical and other industries.

【Use 1】Used as detergent and textile auxiliaries. Also used as toothpaste foaming agent, mine fire extinguishing agent, emulsion polymerization emulsifier, wool cleaning agent, etc.

【Use 2】Used as anionic surfactant, emulsifier and foaming agent.

【Use 3】GB 2760-96 stipulates that it is a processing aid for the food industry. Foaming agent; Emulsifier; Anionic surfactant. Used in cakes, beverages, egg whites, fresh fruits, juice drinks, edible oils, etc.

【Use 4】Used as an emulsifier for medicines, cosmetics, and synthetic resins. Toothpaste, foaming agent for fire extinguishers. Used as a detergent for fine silk and wool fabrics. Flotation agent for metal beneficiation.

【Use 5】Used as washing and textile auxiliaries. Also used as toothpaste foaming agent. Fire extinguishing foam. Emulsion polymerized emulsifier. Emulsifying and dispersing agent for medicine. Shampoo and other cosmetic products. Wool detergent.

【Use 6】Biochemical analysis, electrophoresis, ion pair reagent.

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