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RDP-Re-dispersible Polymer Powder


RDP The re-dispersible polymer powder is a white powdery polymer made of emulsion by spray drying. In contact with water, the emulsion will disperse quickly and have the same film forming characteristics as the original emulsion. This film has high weather resistance, high toughness and high adhesion to different substrates. Its ingredients are: [...]

Stain remover-SDBS


Stain remover-SDBS Stain remover-SDBSPhysical propertiesMolecular formula: C18H29NaO3SMolecular weight: 348.48Hydrophilic-lipophilic balance value (HLB value): 10.638Decomposition temperature: 450°C,Weight loss rate: 60%Properties: white or light yellow powderSolubility: soluble in water, easy to absorb moisture and agglomerateCritical micelle concentration (CMC value): 1.2mmol·L-1Physical and chemical propertiesSodium referred to as SDBS. White or light yellow powder [...]

Stain remover-AES


Stain remover-AES Sodium fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate (AES) Stain remover-AES Application It is easily soluble in water, has excellent decontamination, emulsification, foaming performance and hard water resistance, mild washing properties will not damage the skin. Widely used in shampoo, bath liquid, tableware detergent, complex soap and other washing and [...]



Thickener Thickeners are a new class of functional polymer materials that have developed rapidly in recent years. And thickeners are mainly used to increase the viscosity or consistency of products. It has the characteristics of small dosage, obvious thickening and convenient use, and is widely used in pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, cosmetics, [...]



Adhesive Adhesive is commonly known as "glue". It is the substance that links two materials together through the adhesive and cohesive strength of the interface. There will be no significant changes to the structure of the bonded object, and it will give sufficient strength to the cemented surface. Civil engineering construction industry: [...]

Water retention agent


Water retention agent Cellulose ether water retention agent. Factors such as air temperature, temperature and wind pressure speed will affect the volatilization rate of water in cement mortar and gypsum-based products. Therefore, in different seasons, adding cellulose ether products can improve the construction progress and construction effect. Excellent cellulose series products can [...]

Early strength agent


Early strength agent The early strength agent is one of the concrete admixtures, and its appearance is gray powder. Concrete early strength agent refers to the admixture that can improve the early strength of concrete and has no significant effect on the later strength. The main function of the early strength agent [...]

Air-entraining agent


Air-entraining agent Air-entraining agent, also known as air-entraining agent, is a hydrophobic surfactant. After being dissolved in water and added to the concrete mixture. A large number of tiny air bubbles can be generated during the mixing process. The air-entraining agent can improve the fluidity, cohesion and water retention of the concrete [...]

Hydrophobic agent


Hydrophobic agent The hydrophobic agent is a special waterproof agent for exterior wall waterproofing, which has the properties of anti-acid and alkali, anti-aging, anti-carbonization, anti-pan-alkali, moisture-proof, and anti-mildew. It is mainly used for waterproofing of tile exterior walls (spraying), bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and other tile joints, concrete walls, tiles, stone, wood, cement [...]

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