Concrete water reducer is a chemical additive commonly used in concrete. Its function is to reduce the amount of cement in concrete without affecting the strength of concrete. This reduces the cost of concrete. This article will introduce the types, principles of action and methods of use of concrete superplasticizers.

There are many types of concrete superplasticizers. According to its chemical composition and action principle, it can be divided into several categories such as organic water reducer, inorganic water reducer, and high-efficiency water reducer.
Organic water reducers can be divided into different types such as aliphatic, sulfonate, and phenolic resins.
Inorganic water reducing agents include expansion agents, passivating agents and the like. High-efficiency water reducer is a commonly used water reducer at present, and is often used in industrial and civil buildings.

The role of concrete water reducer

The principle of action of concrete water reducer is mainly by changing the reaction mechanism of cement hydration and the surface charge state of cement particles. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing the amount of concrete cement, reducing the water-cement ratio, increasing the strength of concrete, and improving the fluidity of concrete. Concrete superplasticizers can generally reduce the amount of cement in concrete by about 10%. The strength and impermeability of concrete are not affected.

The use method of concrete water reducer also needs attention. Generally speaking, before using the concrete water reducing agent, it is necessary to test the raw materials of the concrete to ensure that the design of the concrete mix ratio meets the requirements of the specification.
The dosage of the water reducing agent should be determined according to the fluidity of the concrete, the ambient temperature and the special requirements of the concrete, so as to ensure the ideal effect of the water reducing agent.
In addition, concrete superplasticizers also need to pay attention to moisture-proof and prevent mixing of impurities during storage and use.

Concrete water reducer is a very important chemical additive in concrete engineering. The correct use of concrete water reducing agent can not only reduce the cost of concrete, but also improve the performance and quality of concrete, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of concrete engineering.